Breakfast Recipes

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Shake

Skip the unhealthy pumpkin shake at the fast food restaurant and make your own at home instead for a healthier alternative that will actually leave you feeling good without a sugar high.  The recipe I am sharing with you today doubles as a dessert, or a breakfast on the go.  It doesn’t contain any refined sugars, or dairy.  The base is bananas instead of dairy, and I add  medjool dates for sweetness and it is just right.  Also I have included protein powder, because I like an extra boost in my shakes so it is the perfect thing to keep you satisfied until lunch.  It has a swirl of vanilla pumpkin and chocolate shake so you get two delicious flavors in one drink! Give this a try next time you are in need of a pumpkin shake!  Of course if you are not a chocolate fan, just make it plain pumpkin and leave out the cacao powder.

Breakfast Dessert Drink Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Paleo Vegan Vegetarian

Mixed Summer Berry Jam

Summer is the time when fresh berries are plentiful, at their most delicious and most affordable. But when the cooler months hit, and the berries go away, I like to enjoy some delicious berry jam that I made with Summer berries!  It really is pretty easy to make, and it is the perfect way to be able to enjoy those Summer berries all year round!  The recipe I am sharing with you today is a lower sugar recipe, as I try to limit my sugar intake. It is just as delicious as regular jam though!  You can find all of the ingredients for this recipe at Fresh and Natural Foods, including the low sugar pectin!

Breakfast Snack Intermediate Moderate Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Paleo Vegan Vegetarian

Chia Granola Parfait

Combining chia seeds and oats makes for a hearty breakfast that will keep you full and satisfied until lunch.  Of course you can mix them and make overnight oats, but I also like to make a chia pudding and granola parfait with fruit. I love the crunchy texture of the granola with the creamy chia pudding and sweet fruit.  It is not only delicious but it packs fiber, protein and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids with the chia seeds.  The chia pudding can actually be made days ahead of time, so you can assemble these quickly in the morning before school or work.

Breakfast Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Vanilla Berry Granola

Making your own granola is fun and easy!  Not only that, it fills your home with the most heavenly aroma, and you can choose what ingredients you want to go into it.  Many commercial granola brands have a lot of sugar, but I like to add maple syrup to mine and use a little less.  The recipe I am sharing with you today is high in fiber thanks to the oats, coconut and walnuts, and I have included freeze dried berries for little sweet bursts of flavor.  This keeps well in an airtight container for a few weeks, or a month if kept in the refrigerator. It is good for snacking, or for breakfast with yogurt, or even as a crunchy topping for fruit!

Breakfast Snack Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Carrot Cranberry Pecan Bread

A home made loaf of quick bread is always delicious for breakfast, or just snacking with some nut butter for a more satisfying treat.  One of my favorites is a carrot cranberry pecan quick bread that has extra fiber thanks to the added fruit, veggies and nuts.  It is easy whip up a loaf, and so good!  I am sure it will become a favorite in your family as well.  This bread reminds me of carrot cake, but it is so much more simple to make! I used gluten free flour in this, but if you are more of a fan of whole wheat flour, it can be swapped in for the gluten free flour.

Breakfast Dessert Snack Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Triple Berry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are a great way to start off the day if you are trying to get in a lot of nutrients from fruit at once.  I like to add protein powder so it becomes a full balanced meal, and keeps me satisfied longer.  The one I am sharing with you today is made from all berries, so it is packed full of heart healthy antioxidants.  Although smoothies are great for pouring into cups for when you are on the go so you can drink them with a straw, if I have time, I like to make smoothie bowls, so that I can add delicious toppings to them and enjoy them with a spoon. Of course I blend them a little thicker with less liquid, so that they are almost like a healthy ice cream.  If you top them off with things like healthy nuts and seeds, you can get some extra heart healthy ingredients in as well.  But of course, feel free to be creative, you can top them off with whatever you have on hand!

Breakfast Drink Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Paleo Raw Vegan Vegetarian

Vegan Whole Grain Oat Waffles

There is nothing like warm fluffy Belgian waffles on a weekend morning!  This is something I have loved since I was a child.  Since then I have come up with a whole grain oat version that has a little more fiber than the original and it happens to be vegan (egg and dairy free) as well!  These are easy to make, satisfying and of course delicious!  Not only that, they are inexpensive to make, and they are wonderful topped off with whatever fruit is in season and a little maple syrup. If you make a double batch, you can freeze them for later, and just pop them in the toaster when you need them!

Breakfast Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Chia Hemp Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

I love porridge in the morning, in fact I ate oatmeal every morning for most of my life!  But now I like to switch it up sometimes and use other ingredients to make a porridge as well.  Quinoa is one of my favorites.  It has protein and fiber to keep me full.  I like to add in some other ingredients as well to make it extra hearty, some hemp seeds and chia seeds. Not only do they add texture, but heart healthy omega 3s too.  Lastly, although this porridge is good as it is with creamy coconut milk and a little sweetness, I like to serve it in a bowl topped off with goodies like fresh berries, nuts, and cacao nibs.  It makes breakfast more exciting!  Have this for breakfast, and you will be feeling good until lunch time!

Breakfast Beginner Child Friendly Easy Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Strawberry Chia Jam

Strawberry season is just around the corner and I am super excited! One of my favorite things to make with them?  Strawberry jam.  I usually tend to stay away from things like jam if they have refined sugar, but luckily I can make my own healthier version at home.  It uses just enough maple syrup to bring out the natural flavors in the berries, with a hint of lemon and I thicken it with chia seeds.  This is much easier to make than traditional jam plus you get all of the benefits of the chia seeds too!

Breakfast Snack Beginner Child Friendly Easy Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Paleo Vegan Vegetarian

Vegan Blackberry Chocolate Chip Scones (GF)

Think you can’t enjoy delicious baked goods when you are eating gluten free and vegan?  Think again.  I have a delicious scone recipe to share with you today and it is gluten free, dairy free, and egg free.   Bob’s Red Mill makes a wonderful gluten free flour blend that can replace regular flour 1:1, and it tastes just as good!  So that is what I use in most of my baked goods, and it makes it super easy.  These scones feature fresh blackberries and chocolate chips which are a heavenly combination.  They are perfect for whipping up on a Saturday morning and enjoying warm from the oven!

Breakfast Dessert Snack Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetarian