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Fresh and Natural Foods offers the largest selection of gluten-free products in the area. Look for the red arrow on shelf tags to indicate gluten-free products throughout the store. To learn more about gluten-free diets download our brochure featuring a list of gluten-free vendors. Visit our Online Resources page for links to local gluten-free groups and other great information on shopping and cooking for gluten-free diets.

Important Notice for Individuals with Allergies

While we have made every effort to be accurate, our resources are not a substitute for your own diligent label reading and should not be considered medical advice. Fresh and Natural Foods cannot be held responsible for individual reactions to any products. We cannot guarantee a product isn’t cross-contaminated, and manufacturers may alter ingredients and production processes. If a label does not specify “gluten-free” assume it may contain gluten. Always check with the manufacturer if you have any questions about the contents of a product.

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