Snack Recipes

Home Made Apple Pie Lara Bars

I have always loved Lara bars.  In fact, I used to eat them for dessert, I thought they were so good.  The apple pie was always my favorite; it reminded me of this time of the year, when apples are abundant.  Since the ingredients are fairly simple, I thought I would make some of my own.  Not that there is anything wrong with buying the packaged ones, but it is fun to create something yourself.  They are quite simple to make, all you need to do is throw all the ingredients in the food processor and voila!  Delicious bars!

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Autumn Pumpkin Cookies

Cakes, pies and cookie pumpkin desserts are everywhere this time of the year.  My Mom used to make soft, maple glazed pumpkin cookies when I was younger.  I loved them, but as an adult, I decided to create my own version of a pumpkin cookie.  I wanted them to be different than the usual soft cakey ones.  So I came up with a recipe similar to that of a chocolate chip cookie which is soft in the middle and a little crispy at the edges.  I left the glaze off, added plenty of spice and mixed in lots of add ins that remind me of Autumn.  Pecans, walnuts, dried cranberries, crystallized ginger, and of course chocolate chips, because who doesn’t enjoy that? If you make these and share them, you will have some very happy friends and family!

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Apple Cinnamon Macaroons

Have you ever walked through the bulk section of Fresh & Natural and taken time to look at everything?  I do most of my shopping in the produce department.  Dried fruit, nuts, seeds and grains are staples in my kitchen.  I make a lot of raw desserts at home, so lately I have been buying a lot of dates and dried coconut (which make amazing desserts).  I recently decided to pick up some dried apples to make some apple cinnamon macaroons.  They turned out to be a tasty snack that satisfies any sweet craving, perfect for this time of year.  The best part is they are easy to make, and would make a great on the go snack perfect for school lunches (or lunch at work, I would include them in mine)!

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Gluten Free Banana Spice Muffins

It seems that I often end up with more bananas than I could just eat, and they get over ripe sitting on the counter.  But instead of looking at them as over the hill and ready for tossing, I see them as an opportunity to make something delicious like banana bread or muffins.  I have been making vegan banana muffins for a while and have a good recipe, but I wanted to try making them gluten free.  There are many options for gluten free flour, but I feel that some of the options, like white rice flour are not all that healthy as they are high on the glycemic scale.  So I opted to use quinoa flour which I have had a lot of success baking with.  I also wanted the muffins to be sweetened with somthing lower on the glycemic index, so I chose coconut sugar.  It has a wonderful, slightly nutty flavor that paired well with the banana.  The muffins were deliciously sweet and lightly spiced. You could never tell they were gluten free or vegan.  If you have not tried quinoa flour or coconut sugar, you should check them out!

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Apple Pie Smoothie

Sometimes it can be a challenge to fit breakfast into a busy schedule in the morning.  Often times we rush to get to work or school, skipping breakfast and feeling hungry before lunch time hits.  It is important to be able to get your system going with something nutritious while tasting good. It gives energy for the rest of the day and prevents from over indulging and feeling tired later.

So often times on a busy day, I will whip up a smoothie, and drink it on the way to where ever I am going.  It does not take long to make. You can vary the ingredients with what you feel like eating, or what is in season at the time.  In the summer, I choose berries, peaches and mangos.  In the fall and winter, apples and berries are wonderful.  Throw in some protein powder to keep you full, maybe some oats, and you are set!

Below, I have included one of my favorite autumn smoothies, apple pie smoothie.  It reminds me of cinnamon scented apple pie with ice cream and yet it is healthy!  Nothing wrong with a breakfast that tastes delicious as well as nourishes the body!


Breakfast Snack Beginner Easy Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetarian

Vanilla Scented Nut and Cacao Nib Granola

Since it is national breakfast month, I thought it appropriate to post something breakfasty. No, not pancakes or eggs and bacon, something that can be taken with you if you are on the go, or snacked on later in the day, home made granola!

If you have never made your own granola before, it is about time you tried; it is a real treat. The heavenly aroma that emerges from your oven while it is baking is like nothing else.

You are rewarded when it is just cool enough to taste, but still warm from the oven to enjoy a sample (or two or three because it is hard to stop enjoying). The best part about it is you can add in the things you like most and to suit your tastes. I have included my favorite recipe here, vanilla scented nut and cacao nib granola. It is like a grown up chocolate chip cookie married some granola; it smells amazing and tastes even better! You will have a hard time going back to buying already made granola in a bag or box once you try making it!

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Raspberry Peach Fruit Leather

I can remember begging my parents to buy me fruit roll-ups fruit snack when I was in elementary school. My mom usually said, “No, those are too full of sugar”, but my Dad usually caved and got them for me. There was something about the fruity chewy goodness that I enjoyed. Now, 20 years later, there are some better options for fruit snacks and fruit leather, ones containing just real fruit. I recently made some fruit leather because I was curious as to how homemade would taste; it turned out delicious!

Much better than the fruit roll ups which I remember tasting artificial overly sweet fruit. I know if my mom knew how to make these when I was in school, she definitely would have let me have them. After all, they are real fruit! The best part is you can choose what flavor to make. This time I made peach raspberry, and the fruit was so flavorful and ripe that it needed very little additional sweetening.

All you moms add these to your kiddos lunches, and your kids will love them just as much as store-bought fruit roll ups. It’s a great way to get one of their fruit servings for the day! Feel free to substitute their favorite fruits in the recipe!

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Vanilla Scented Strawberry Jam

To continue what I started (see Homemade Peanut Butter recipe blog), no peanut butter is complete without the proper jam. As far as the jam goes, I prefer the quick non-sugary method sweetened with honey or agave nectar. It only requires a clean jar and a pot, no special equipment.  My favorite is strawberry vanilla, but of course you can use whichever organic fruit you prefer.  No fruit in season?  Frozen works just fine.

So, if you want to make yourself a special peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you should combine my Homemade Peanut Butter blog recipe with my Vanilla Scented Strawberry Jam!  If you have kids, even better for them because they can help you choose the flavors to make.

Note: You can substitute the strawberries for other fruits such as raspberries, peaches, blueberries or mangoes.

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Homemade Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and jelly.  It is a staple for many school lunches, or at least for those little opinionated eaters.  I was one of those kids; my mother tried to get me to eat a bologna or turkey sandwich, but if it wasn’t a PB&J, I would end up just throwing it away.  There was just something about the sweet jelly (or jam in my case) that was comforting and delicious.  My mother always bought the fruit sweetened jam and natural peanut butter from the health food store rather than the overly sweet stuff, which I can now appreciate as an adult.  She really cared about our health.

Now, as an adult, I still love peanut butter and jam, but I now make my own.  It is really pretty simple, especially the peanut butter.  All you need is a good food processor and voila!  The best part is you can add your own flavorings if you wish like vanilla, cinnamon, or even maple extract!  But if you prefer the classic, I will tell you that this is some of the best peanut butter you will ever eat.  If peanut butter isn’t your forte, almond butter or any other nut butter can be made in the same fashion.

See my Vanilla Scented Strawberry Jam blog recipe to complete this creation!

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Pumpkin and Red Lentil Dal Hummus

When I was a kid, dip was only option veggies were served with in my house.  Of course, as with many kids, I had little veggies with my dip (if you know what I am saying).  Now, there is nothing wrong with a little dip with your veggies, after all, you do need a little fat to absorb the nutrients in them.  But if I had been offered a flavorful healthier option, I know I would have taken it.

Hummus is my current favorite; I love it with raw veggies of any sort. It packs protein, so it really is a win win!  If I had been offered this as a veggie dip, I would like to think I would have given up regular old dip long ago.  I consider it a staple now in my fridge, and keep a big batch of it on hand as a sandwich spread and veggie dip.  Although I have many different recipes that I enjoy making, this is my favorite for the fall months!

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