Each item on our shelf is carefully chosen so we can offer you a comprehensive line of natural and organic products. You will find everything from gourmet cooking products to vegan cheese. Our dairy is always antibiotic free and features milk, butter and yogurt from pasture-raised cows.

·         We feature organic and grass fed milks

·         Multitude of options for those avoiding dairy—Non-dairy beverages, yogurts and cheese substitutes made from almonds, coconut, flax, rice, cashews and soy.

·         Several options for cultured vegetables—great source of beneficial bacteria for our guts.

·         Tortillas—several gluten free options along with spelt and wheat

·         Meatless Deli slices and non-meat brat options for vegetarians.

·         Kombucha—we carry over 20 options to choose from as well as a culture to make your own at home.

·          Water Kefir in several flavors.

·         Several varieties of organic fruit smoothies.

·         All eggs are from cage free chickens.  And we carry duck eggs—they are rich and delicious.