Meat and Seafood

We stock our meat department with only the finest quality meats, poultry and fish and we know you’ll taste the difference.

Grass-Fed / Grass Finished Beef
Our fresh meat department is stocked daily with grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Once you have tried it you will fall in love! Grass-fed beef provides a memorable eating experience that has been earning growing acclaim among chefs and food writers across the country.

Pork & Prepared Meats
Our pork and prepared meats line is antibiotic, nitrate, nitrite and hormone free. You’ll find all your favorites “ham, bacon, bratwurst, jerky and luncheon meats” without all the chemicals, so all you get is great taste!

Wild Game
Wild game is among the most nutritious and flavorful meats. We offer an extensive line of wild game, including bison, elk and venison.

All our poultry is free-range and free of hormones and antibiotics. We also offer fresh, free-range turkeys on a seasonal basis.

We offer the finest quality wild-caught seafood, including Alaskan salmon so you have a variety of great tasting options. High in essential-fatty-acids fish should be a regular on your menu.

Food Alliance Certified