Nowhere is our commitment to providing organic products more evident than in our fresh produce department.

From our abundant leafy greens to the ripe, red raspberries enjoyed at the peak of freshness, our produce department will reintroduce you to food. Our produce staff works closely with growers so all you will find here are the best tasting fruits and vegetables regardless of the season.

Locally Grown, Locally Known
Buying local is good for the environment and your community, so we have teamed up with several local farmers to bring you full selection of low-input and organic produce grown right here.



In an effort to make it easy to find our organic products, we have adopted a color coded signage system (shown below) for our produce department to highlight how and where our produce was grown.  Our local organic produce is orange, our organic produce is green, our locally grown with organic practices is blue and our conventionally grown produce is grey.  When scanning the produce section you will no doubt notice an abundance of orange and green!


All produce signs also include growing region along with the pricing. (You’ll see that we use local farms whenever possible.)

Unfortunately, not all produce is available from organic farms at this time. In order to serve our customers with a complete produce section, we must at times stock conventionally grown produce.