Don’t suffer from cracked, dehydrated skin!!

It’s winter. The fresh, beautiful snow is just a wonderful plus this time of year. Yet the season comes with its downfalls too. Most people will notice as the temperature grows colder, the air usually becomes drier.  As a result, more water molecules are lost with every breath we take and the risk of developing dehydration grows.  Often our skin suffers as water molecules are redirected to the more vital organs. There is a deficiency or degradation of substances in our skin that help maintain proper moisture.

Together, these substances make up the skin’s natural moisturizing factor which helps to facilitate the retention of moisture within the skin, thereby helping to prevent against dry skin and premature aging of the skin.  Two compounds that the body uses to produce the skins natural moisturizing factor are hyaluronic acid and Na-PCA.  These nutrients can also be found in skin serums or liquid sprays (such as those provided by Hyalogic) for the use of topical application.  Hydrating lotions, such as those by Acure Organics, will also often contain these nutrients along with additional nutrients such as Vitamin E, CoQ10 and Aloe Vera which can help heal skin that is already dehydrated or cracked.   Through increasing your intake of water and consistently using hydrating lotions, serums or sprays, which contain compounds that are essential to the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, can help to prevent against the appearance of wrinkly skin and the uncomfortable feeling of cracked dehydrated skin.

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