Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

Who says fine chocolate has to come from a gourmet chocolate gift shop? These chocolate bars are a great way to spoil any chocolate lover in your family. According to Alter Eco, ” studies show that dark chocolate can contribute to lower blood pressure, overall heart health and cancer prevention.” With flavors like Dark Blackout, Dark Quinoa and Dark Cacao, they are loaded with antioxidants. There bars are 100% organic and fair trade certified.

Flavor Characteristics:

  • Dark Cacao63% cocoa, lighter than the Dark Blackout, this chocolate bar is loaded with cacao nibs. It’s a Fresh & Natural employee favorite! 5 ingredients: Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans.
  • Dark Blackout-85% cocoa, only for dark chocolate lovers. 4 ingredients: Cacao beans, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, vanilla beans.*
  • Dark Quinoa-60% cocoa, similar to a crunch bar but with dark chocolate, yum! 6 ingredients: Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, quinoa-rice crisps (quinoa, rice and sugar), vanilla beans.*

*Available at the Shoreview store only. Hudson shoppers wanting a flavor? Express your product interest to the grocery department.

Author: Fresh & Natural

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