Fresh & Natural’s Food Pyramid

Diet. It seems like everyone is confused about the meaning of a balanced diet. With the overwhelmingly availability of fast food and its dollar menu, Americans are investing their wealth not in food quality but chemically laden foods. Many people have developed such poor eating habits that they have forgotten how to eat a balanced, clean diet. Even worse, these diets have left many people deficient and imbalanced leading to inflammation and disease. At Fresh & Natural Foods, we have developed a food pyramid that focuses on a food’s nutrient density. Many Americans are eating a surplus of grains and neglect their fruit and vegetable intake. Still, lack of knowledge of vegetables, legumes and grains have led some to miscount these items in the wrong daily allowance category. Over consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates have led to high blood sugar levels that can cause cell damage. According to the non-partisan organization US Healthiest, “1 in 2 children are likely to develop type 2 diabetes; by 2025 chronic disease will affect half the population; and for the first time our children will have shorter life expectancies than ours.”  It’s time we take charge of our health and the consequences that go along with poor food choices. At Fresh & Natural Foods, we want our customers to be informed to make educated decisions about food consumption.

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