How To Make Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole?

I had to ask myself this question 6 years ago; it is my absolute favorite side dish at our family Thanksgiving meal.  For a while, I was actually frying my own onions in gluten-free flour and making my own cream of mushroom soup from a gluten-free soup base.  Not only did it take forever, it didn’t taste anything like the green bean hotdish I loved.  Than thankfully Pacific Foods came out with a condensed gluten-free cream of mushroom soup!  My green bean hot dish got that much better but still wasn’t quite there.  I was at my register one day talking about the side dishes I make for Thanksgiving when a customer said “you know we just use gluten-free onion rings”.  It had never dawned on me to try something like that.  So last year with my Pacific Foods Cream of Mushroom Soup and Ian’s Gluten-free Onion Rings I made the best green bean hotdish.

The onion rings are key; cooking them properly for each part of the preparation is vital.  My recipe is so very simple:

  •  2lbs Fresh Green beans broken into bite size pieces
  •  2 containers of 12 oz. Pacific condensed cream of mushroom soup
  •  2 bags of Ian’s Gluten free Onion rings and pepper.


  1. Mix the green beans and the cream of mushroom soup in a large bowl.
  2.  Bake ½ of one bag of onion rings until they are crispy per package instructions.  Cut into small pieces and add to the mixture, add pepper to taste.  Spread mixture into a large cake pan.  Bake the rest of the onion rings until they are firm but not crispy.  Cut into small pieces and sprinkle on top over green beans.  Bake at 350 until green beans are cooked through.  If you cook the onion rings on the top too long in the first preparation, they will burn while your green beans are baking.

I don’t feel the need to add salt as the onion rings are pretty salty themselves.   I have made this several times now and I love it.  I hope you try it!

Author: Tiffany

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  1. Susan Worrell says:

    I am trying this out for Christmas! I was so thrilled to find this recipe online!

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