Chickens Lay Blue Eggs

Today many people believe that brown eggs may have better quality, nutritional value or it’s organic. However, white eggs have the same nutritional value, quality and can be organic. What about blue eggs? Yes blue eggs exist naturally too! What determines the color of the egg? It is simply the breed of the chicken. Most farmers raise White Leghorns which is a breed of chicken that is known for laying eggs more efficiently. There are many other breeds that lay white eggs but White Leghorns are the most common. Brown eggs can come in many different shades from a light pink-brown to a rich deep brown color. There are several breeds that lay brown eggs but the most popular are the Rhode Island Red’s and Buff Orpington’s. The chicken that lays blue eggs is the Araucana or Ameraucana. The color can vary from a very pale light blue to a greenish blue. A little fun fact; in most cases the color of the hens ear is an indicator of the color egg she will lay. Most chickens with red ears lay brown eggs, chickens with white or blue ears will lay the correlating color. What can make a difference between the colors of egg yolks is what chickens eat. Chickens are omnivores that eat plants, seeds, insects and even small rodents. Having outdoor access allows a chicken to forage. Farmers will supplement the diet with energy sources like oats or corn, to make sure their chickens get a balanced diet. Want to learn more about what chickens eat? Look for my next article!

Author: Bairet Eiter

If you are looking for an unbiased and practical view about farming practices, you are looking in the right place. I grew up in a suburb not far from the cities and I had a love for animals. I joined 4H at the age of 11 and started showing llamas at the county fair (yes llamas!) From there, I never looked back. I was involved in showing sheep, beef cattle and at the age of 15, I got my first job on a dairy farm. Later I worked as farm educator for Three Rivers Park District. Now I will be graduating college with a degree in Crop and Soil Science, emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture with a minor in Dairy Science. The experiences I have had up until this point have shaped my views to believe that we need to first understand farming practices and why farmers make certain decisions before making our own decisions. Maybe you don’t agree with their practice, that’s okay, I simply want to bring the facts to you, answer questions and let you make your own decision.