Is Your Thyroid Getting Tired?

Work, holidays, politics—there’s a lot that can stress us out these days and over time that stress can build to the point that it causes more than a headache. Did you know chronic stress might be affecting your thyroid?

Our thyroid, along with our adrenals, is our first line of defense against daily stress. In fact, if our thyroid is overtaxed it can lead to fatigue, brain fog, inability to lose weight and even cold hands and feet. Fortunately, the thyroid is easy to feed. Its favorite food? Seaweed!

No joke, kelp and other sea vegetables contain iodine and phytonutrients that specifically target thyroid health. Don’t think seaweed sounds appetizing? No sweat! There are innumerable sea vegetable based supplements available at Fresh and Natural Foods to help keep the thyroid strong and keep you running at full power.

Author: Dr. Chris Knutson, ND

Dr. Chris Knutson, ND, entered the natural health field after being cured of chronic Lyme Disease by an Australian Naturopath. He holds degrees as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritional Counselor. He currently works as a Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator with Fresh and Natural Foods.