6 Delicious & Healthy Muffin Tin Uses

Meatloaf, pizza, pie…oh, my!

It’s time to take the muffin tin way beyond cupcakes. It is fantastic portion control for meals or nutritious snacks in single portions.

Tara Bench author of Live Life Deliciously: Recipes for Busy Weeknights and Leisurely Weekends offers some creative uses for you to try.

Taco Salad Cups

Cut flour tortillas into small cups and bake. Fill baked shells with cooked crumbled protein (ground beef, turkey or chicken or pork sausage) and taco toppings.


Pour beaten eggs over cooked fillings, and bake. Tip: Vary filling combinations among the cups. You’ll get the convenience of a make-ahead meal without having to eat the same thing every day.

Some suggestions: tender veggies such as green onions, broccoli, asparagus. A good ratio to use is 1/4cup veggies per egg. Here are some tasty combinations: broccoli and feta cheese; roasted red pepper and spinach; and mixed mushroom with tarragon.


Fruit Pies

Press pastry circles into cups, add filling, and bake. Pie fillings fall into one of four categories: sweet filling of fruit, custard, pastry cream and savory. Popular fruit fillings include apple, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry and blueberry.


Potato Gratin

Toss thinly sliced potatoes with cheese (grated hard cheese or parmesan) and herbs, layer the mixture into the cups, and bake. Additional ingredients that work well are salt and pepper to taste, garlic, and green onions.








Mini Pizzas

Press store-bought dough into the muffin cups; fill with shredded cheese, sauce and toppings. Bake until crust is browned. Short on bread dough? Use bread as the liner. Remove the crusts from the bread slices, spread melted butter on each slice and bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Then, add toppings.







Mini Meat Loaves

Use any meatball or meat loaf recipe. Press the mixture into paper lined cups, drizzle sauce on top, and bake.

Tip: You may want to refer to specific muffin recipes to be sure to use the adequate length of time to bake the filling to the correct doneness. This time will be shorter using muffin tins than if you baking a recipe for a full sized pan.




Enjoy creating your own muffin tin treats!


Author: Darcy