Self Care for Stressful Times

2020 is…different. Fresh & Natural Food’s Wellness Department is here to help and support you.


There are many options available to help us maintain our peace and support our bodies through stressful times. In fact, too many to list but a customer favorite is award-winning Anxiocalm by Terry Naturally. No sedative effects and the primary ingredient is echinacea root. Are the kids feeling anxious about going back to school? Anxiocalm is for ages 4 and up. The testimonies are nothing short of amazing.


Other ideas include essential oils, CBD, magnesium, Bach Rescue Remedy, Newton’s Homeopathics, adaptogens (herbals, mushrooms), etc. Most of these can be used in various ways (topically, internally, baths, drinks, pastilles, lozenges, etc).


Don’t forget about things like eating well, sleeping enough, walking/exercising, reading, crystals, lighting a candle, meditation, incense, coloring, creating art, being mindful of your words/attitude, music, dancing, etc.


Prioritize the things that feed your soul and provide you with peace!


Author: Renee North

Renee North is the Health and Wellness Manager at the Hudson, WI location.