If you are overwhelmed by the energy, protein and snack bars on the market, LaraBar is great nut and unsweetened fruit bar made with the simplest ingredients. It is a perfect bar for special diets specifically kosher, gluten-intolerant, vegan/vegetarian, soy-free and low carbohydrate diets. These help make many restricted diets more tolerable since some bars are dairy-free, paleo friendly and great for those practicing the Maximized Living plan. Eliminating sugar and bread from your diet? With flavors like Banana Bread, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Lemon Bar, LaraBar makes it easy. Try one of their many available flavors on sale until the end of October at Fresh & Natural.

Author: Fresh & Natural

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  1. cindy como says:

    love lara bars, I eat one almost daily, what I like most is the simplicity of the ingredients,and it fills you up.My favorites are chocolate chip cherry torte,jocalat(chocolate) and peanut butter chocolate chip,coconut cream pie.Well worth eating.

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