Prolific Plant Probiotic™ for Spring Gardening

prolific_300x250Prolific Plant Probiotic™  is an all-natural soil amendment featuring Bacillus bacteria, used successfully for decades in modern agriculture. These friendly bacteria are proven to do three crucial things:

  1. Maximize nutrient assimilation
  2. Prevent fungal attack
  3. “Fix” atmospheric nitrogen

Prolific Plant Probiotic™ works on all plants, including annual vegetables, perennial flowers, house plants, container plants, trees and ornamental shrubs. Not only better and cheaper than the popular chemical products, itʼs extremely easy to use. Just one to two applications per year. And safe for all plants, animals and kids.

Dose Programs:

  • Annual vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers have a root ball about the size of your fist when we plant them in the spring. Use 4 inches of pellets (approximately 6-8 of the pellets), when lined up end to end, dig the hole. Place 4 pellets in teh bottom of the hole. Then push the other 2-4 pellets into the soil from top, near main stem. Water thoroughly. You should be able to see the difference in growth within 2-3 weeks.
  • Root crops like lettuce and carrots, dig your seed trench, place one P3 pellet about every 2 inches or so. Place seeds in the trench, cover and water gently and often.
  • Perennial flowers with a root ball of 8 inches in diameter or less, take 4 inches of pellets and place evenly around main stem of plant about 1 inch away. Push the pellets into the soil, about 1-2 inches deep. Water thoroughly.

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