Prolific Plant Probiotic™

Put good bacteria to work in your garden!… for less than chemical fertilizers.

P3 Prolific Plant Probiotic™, now available at our store, is an easy to use Bacillus-based product and is a better value than chemical fertilizers! Much like Lactobacillus to the human digestive tract, Bacillus microbes are proven to have a positive impact on plant health and yields when farmers inoculate their fields with these friendly bacteria. Most Bacillus microbes are on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list for agriculture. They are safe and often easy to use. Here’s what they do: ™

  • Bacillus microbes break down nutrients in the soil
  • Bacillus colonize the root surface areas, assisting and enhancing the assimilation of those nutrients
  • Bacillus produce enzymes and other metabolites that ward off pathogens and fungus which attack at the roots
  • Many Bacillus strains process or “fix” atmospheric nitrogen, negating the need for ammonium-based chemicals
  • Certain strains will also digest oil in the soil which can convert hard to garden clay into loose friendly top soil

P3 Means NO MORE Chemical Fertilizers

  • Most chemical fertilizers feature Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus in their formulation. But you don’t need these chemical additives.
  • There is ample nitrogen in the atmosphere which P3’s Bacillus microbes easily process or “fix” for your plants. Just make sure you have plenty of P3’s Bacillus microbes in your soil.
  • As for potassium, any source of ashes — like a fireplace — is a gold mine. Simply sprinkle the ashes on your garden to replenish potash, or potassium.
  • And composting will provide phosphorus. More easily, make a weed tea, soaking plant trimmings and weed pullings in water for a few days. then water your plants with this fortified tea.
  • Of course, manure, worm castings and other natural fortifications can’t hurt. All will benefit your garden. No more chemicals needed, provided you have enough Bacillus microbes. So use P3 generously!

P3 is Cheaper than Chemical Fertilizers

  • P3 has a lower cost of use than traditional chemical fertilizers. The 3 oz. bottle has 135 one inch doses, leaving your cost per dose under 30 cents. Compare that to typical chemical fertilizers, where one scoop costs 50 cents or more!
  • P3 is Stronger Than the Competition
  • P3 boasts 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of Bacillus microbes per gram. Most competitors have either thousands or mere hundreds of CFUs per gram. And P3 features Bacillus pumilis, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus licheniformis, species proven effective in academia and agriculture.
  • Try P3 Prolific Plant Probiotic™ today and in 2-4 weeks you should see the difference. You’ll never buy chemical fertilizers again! P 3 Prolific Plant Probiotic™ is the natural alternative to chemicals.

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