Easy Sunday Pot Roast

Pot roast is a simple, delicious and easy dinner to make. Using an inexpensive cut of meat and slowly cooking it for hours turns it into¬†a tender and mouthwatering roast. I grew up eating a¬†variation my mom made with root vegetables like rutabaga and parsnips, and then my mother-in-law made a variation with potatoes and carrots simple but delicious! Over the years I have made my own version of pot roast and after a lot of experimenting with different seasonings and herbs this has turned out to be my family’s favorite pot roast recipe!

Author: Christa Johnston

Christa Johnston is a busy wife and mother of two young boys and a self-proclaimed foodie. Her love of cooking stems from growing up in a large family where food was always in abundance and a focal point of every gathering. As a teenager, Christa was a frequent shopper of the Shoreview Fresh and Natural Foods location even as a young dancer grabbing a quick snack between classes. Now, with her two boys in tow she shops weekly for a quick sandwich, deli salad or natural organic ingredients to provide healthy eating choices for her delicious recipes! Christa will transform your Sunday Funday!



Season all sides of the roast with the steak seasoning and place into the crock-pot. Place the rosemary
sprigs and garlic cloves on top of the roast. Pour the wine into the crock-pot and cover. Turn the crock-
pot on high and after 2 hours remove the rosemary and garlic and set aside then flip the roast over and
place rosemary and garlic back on the roast. Now add the potatoes, carrots, and onions to the crock-pot
and season with a little salt and pepper and cover. After 3 hours add the mushrooms and half of the can
of soup and cover to cook 1 more hour. Pot roast is done when meat falls apart easily with a fork. In my
crock-pot it was done in 6 hours on high heat.

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