Coconut Carrot Cake Pudding with Pecans

Today I was feeling ambitious. I wanted to accomplish everything on my to-do list in an extraordinary and efficient manner. Clean the house, get some editing and scheduling in order, make a variety of healthy foods for the week, take pictures of the kids for Christmas cards and the list goes on. We have all been there. Well I’d like to say today was a day of accomplishment and creativity.

Exhausted by my son’s inability to focus for pictures, I managed to find relaxation in utilizing left over carrots and pecans from Christmas cookies. It’s funny how cooking has become therapeutic. Stress can easily set-in throughout the day.  I am an emotional eater. When I am eating poorly, it just adds to the stress. Sugar is my major downfall. Once I indulge, my ambitious ways go out the door. But what happens when you cannot get your mind off your sweet tooth?  Dates are a great way to add sugar to any dessert or snack. They are also nutritious and loaded with much-needed minerals. Don’t eat this pudding before bed. Unlike sugar that makes us crash, dates replenishes our energy . This paleo-friendly recipe is so satisfying that the whole family will like it.

Author: Fresh and Natural Foods



In a small bowl, soak dates in water for more than 4 hours. when dates are very soft, add to blender. Combine the remander of the ingredients and mix in blender until mixture is smooth.

Serve with a heavy sprinkle of pecan and/or coconut flakes.

2 comments on “Coconut Carrot Cake Pudding with Pecans

  1. Kris says:

    Are the carrots cooked before you put them in the blender?
    I don’t know if my blender could puree raw carrots

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