Enchilada Turkey Lasagna

Need a recipe to move the leftover turkey in the fridge? This recipe is a tasty diversion from the traditional turkey dinner. This easy-to-do entree is great for the whole family whose spice index varies. Like tacos, add as many or what you have on hand to this dish. It is very versatile.

Author: Fresh and Natural Foods



In a saute pan, combine and heat turkey, beans, diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, water and taco seasoning. Cook until taco seasoning has coated onto veggies and turkey.

Preheat over to 400 degrees.

Using a 13×8 baking pan, pour a small amount of enchilada sauce on the bottom to ensure lasagna doesn’t stick.

Place two toritilla shells over the enchilada sauce. Once in place, add half of the saute pan mixture over the tortillas and cover with two more shells. Repeat this step.

Pour remaining enchilada sauce over the top of the lasagna. If desired, top it off with shredded cheese.

Cover pan and cook for 45 minutes. Once cooked, let sit for a minimum of 20 minutes to set. Serve with sour cream, black olives and jalapenos.

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