Grilled Pizza

I love to entertain and get my guests involved in the kitchen. This week’s recipe accomplished both, I made grilled pizza! As your pizza dough rises you can slice up your veggies, and cook up your meats. Then have your guests pick which ingredients they want on their pizza. They will ooh and awe as they watch you grill up the dough and create their own individual pizza pie!

Author: Christa Johnston

Christa Johnston is a busy wife and mother of two young boys and a self-proclaimed foodie. Her love of cooking stems from growing up in a large family where food was always in abundance and a focal point of every gathering. As a teenager, Christa was a frequent shopper of the Shoreview Fresh and Natural Foods location even as a young dancer grabbing a quick snack between classes. Now, with her two boys in tow she shops weekly for a quick sandwich, deli salad or natural organic ingredients to provide healthy eating choices for her delicious recipes! Christa will transform your Sunday Funday!



It is very important to have all of your ingredients ready to put on your pizza so I had them all placed in small bowls next to the grill that way when it was time to top the pizza everything was right there for me.

Preheat your grill to high and allow it to get as hot as possible. Brush the pizza dough with olive oil and place the oiled side down on your grill and allow it to crisp up 3 minutes or so (watching carefully so that it doesn’t scorch).

Then with a large spatula loosen the dough from the grill and flip. Here is where you want to move quickly. Brush the dough with the roasted garlic oil and then spread the cheese slices evenly over pizza. Then top with Italian sausage, shallots and bell pepper slices. Close grill and allow to cook 3-4 minutes again keep an eye on it to prevent scorching.

Open lid and top the pizza with arugula and basil and allow to wilt slightly about 1 minute before removing pizza to a platter. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar if desired slice and serve!

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