How to Cook an Organic or Free-Range Turkey

With the holidays upon us, it is easy to forget how to prepare an oven roasted turkey… 350? 425? Worry strikes and you swore you wouldn’t overcook the turkey this year. Here is a quick reference to help your holiday meal go smoothly.

Cook Time for unstuffed and stuffed turkeys:

Size in lbs.        Cooking Hours         Cooking-Stuffed

8-12                    2.75 – 3                         3 – 3.5

12-14                   3 – 3.75                        3.5 – 4

14-16                   3.75 – 4.25                  4 – 4.25

16-20                  4.25 – 4.5                     4.25 – 4.75

20-24                  4.5 – 5                          4.75 – 5.25


Author: Fresh and Natural Foods



Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Remove giblets and neck from inside of turkey.

Clean by washing with cold water inside and out.

In a small mixing bowl, combine seasonings.

Rub turkey with melted butter or olive oil. Then rub seasoning mixture inside and out. Place turkey in a roasting pan. Add equal amounts of chicken broth and water to the pan (1 1/2 inches of liquid in pan). Place turkey into preheated oven uncovered.

If stuffing turkey, stuff loosely before putting in the oven.

For the first hour, roast at 375 degrees F. Baste every 30 minutes with drippings from bottom of pan. After 60 minutes of cooking, turn the temperature down to 325 degrees F.

If turkey skin is golden brown, make a foil tent to cover. This step varies and may not be necessary. Typically happens after 60-75 minutes of cooking.

Use meat thermometer to check temperature in thigh-165 degrees F means done!

Remove turkey from oven, let sit for 30 minutes. Remove stuffing and enjoy!

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