Pomegranate Basil Spritzer

The holidays are a time for entertaining. This busy season of our lives is full of social gathers around the same theme of food. One area of party planing that typically gets neglected is the beverage department. Soda, coffee and water are the typical offerings. Here is a delicious non-alcoholic beverage that is unusually tasty. This spritzer is a beautiful addition to a holiday spread when served in a glass pitcher. So if you are looking for a lightly, sweet alternative to the “same-ole, same-ole”, you’ll enjoy this colorful showstopper bursting with sweetness and healthy dose of 0mega-3s. If you want to add a little kick, add 1 oz. vodka to each glass.

*Some guests may prefer the drink to be muddled while others will enjoy eating the seeds and basil leafs.


Author: Fresh and Natural Foods



Cut pomegranate in quarters and place a piece in a medium size bowl filled with water. Gently remove the seeds inside the pomegranante. Repeat until all seeds have been extracted.

Distribute the soda, pomegranate seeds, chopped basil, mineral water and juiced orange and lime equally amoung three glass pitchers.

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