Vegan Cranberry Chevre

When I was younger, I used to host New Years Eve parties. One thing that we always had to have was really good appetizers.  And, there always had to be cheese of some sort.  I think this is pretty common.  Maybe you feel the same way about good food, and including cheese in your New Years Eve spread.  But, maybe like me you are vegan or dairy free.  Well, I have good news!  I have a great alternative cheese recipe that tastes even better than most real cheeses in my opinion, and whenever I have served it, I get rave reviews.  It is a cranberry chevre (goat cheese), rolled in pecans to make it even more festive!  It is wonderful served with crackers.  It is gluten free as well.  If you wanted to make a plain chevre, just omit the cranberries and pecans.  It is wonderful any way you serve it!

Author: Amy Lyons O’Neil

Amy has worked for Fresh and Natural Foods since 2006 contributing to the variety of healthful foods we offer. She graduated with a degree in studio art from Bethel University in 2007, but in her senior year of college, found that her passion was with the art of food. She later used her photography and culinary skills to create a vegan food and recipe blog, Fragrant Vanilla Cake. She has also written 3 cookbooks. She specializes in vegan and vegetarian recipes. Local, fresh and organic food has always been her focus in whatever she creates.



In a food processor or high speed blender combine the cashews, cashew butter, sea salt, and lemon juice, and blend until smooth.  Scoop into a bowl, mix in the cranberries, and place in the refrigerator until chilled, about an hour. Once chilled, scoop onto a sheet of plastic wrap, and use it to shape into a log (kind of rolling it on the inside of the plastic).  Spread out pecans on a plate, and then roll the cheese log in it using the plastic to assist you so it does not stick to your hands.  Place in the refrigerator for a few hours to firm up before serving. Keeps for about 1 week in the refrigerator.

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