Allergen Friendly Recipes

Garlic Dill Saurkraut

Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, it is the perfect time to try making home made saurkraut.  Not only is it fun and easy to make, it is filled with probiotics, which are important to keep our bodies healthy. Much of our immune system is in our gut, and healthy bacteria in the form of probiotics help to keep the good flora of bacteria in our gut at a good count. Although you can take probiotics in the form of pills, it is also beneficial to add them to your diet in the form of fermented foods. Home made sauerkraut is an easy way to get these good probiotics, plus it is satisfying knowing you made it yourself!  It is fairly easy to make, and it keeps well in the fridge for a few months.  I like to add it to my salads as a tangy topper, but you can also use it in sandwiches, or just as a side dish.

Side Dish Snack Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Raw Vegan Vegetarian

Chickpeas and Greens Stuffed Baked Potato

If you are looking for a hearty healthy comfort food option for dinner, a stuffed baked potato is perfect! For this recipe I stuff it with beans for protein and greens for nutrients, then top it off with a flavorful sauce. It is delicious and easy to make, so perfect for a weeknight meal!

Entree Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Hearty Vegan Bean Cassoulet

If you are looking for a hearty, warming comfort food dish, this cassoulet is the perfect thing to make!  It is packed with fiber and protein from the beans, so it will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied but not heavy.  It is even great made ahead of time and reheated and even more flavorful the next day.  Serve it with a side of greens or green salad to round out the meal!

Entree Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Beans and Greens Soup

There is nothing like a home made warming soup on a cold winter day!  This beans and greens soup is really delicious, especially served with a piece of crusty sourdough bread!  It is packed with fiber thanks to the beans, and sweet potatoes, and has just the right amount of protein.  Also the spinach is added at the last minute so it retains the nutrients which are definitely needed this time of the year when we are all trying to stay healthy. This is a great choice for dinner if you are looking to add more plant based meals into your routine!

Entree Soup Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy soup Vegan Vegetarian

Golden Turmeric Latte

One of my favorite things to make when it is cold outside is a turmeric latte!  They are warming, delicious and good for you!  Turmeric is anti inflammatory, and it is the star of this recipe!  I start with oatmilk and turmeric, then combine it with ginger, cinnamon, and a hint of black pepper plus a dash of maple syrup to sweeten and it is so good!

Drink Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Pineapple Black Bean Quinoa

If you are looking for a protein packed healthy but delicious meal, look no further than this quinoa!  It is packed with southwest flavor, and you get plenty of protein and fiber thanks to the beans and quinoa.  Combining beans with quinoa is something I do often, and I always feel good and satisfied after enjoying it.  This would be perfect to make ahead and bring in your lunches too!

Entree Salad Side Dish Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Salad Vegan Vegetarian

Maple Miso Mashed Rutabaga

Most people think of mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potato for a Holiday side dish, but did you know rutabagas make a delicious side as well?  In this recipe I cook them until tender and mash them with a bit of sweet maple syrup and miso for a delicious combination that is perfect with any protein!

Side Dish Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Vegan Vegetarian

Cranberry Kale and Delicata Squash Salad

There is so much heavy rich food at Thanksgiving, it is nice to sometimes have a lighter salad on the table to balance it out.  That is why I love this kale salad!  It is packed with flavor, and is delicious, but it is also pretty healthy thanks to all of the nutrients and fiber from the squash, kale and pumpkin seeds.  It is easy to make too, and could even be made a day ahead of time (just don’t mix in the squash until you are ready to serve). This would make a lovely addition to your holiday meal!

Salad Side Dish Beginner Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Heart Healthy Paleo Salad Vegan Vegetarian

Chocolate Tahini Cups

Peanut butter cups were my favorite Halloween candy growing up, but now I like to experiment with different nut and seed butters, when I make my own at home, and they are all delicious in their own way.  These tahini cups are similar to peanut butter cups but they are suitable for those with nut allergies, since tahini is sesame seed butter.  It has a nutty flavor kind of like a more mild peanut butter and pairs well with chocolate.  They happen to be vegan because I use non-dairy chocolate chips, and naturally gluten free, but you would never guess by tasting them. These are easy to make and so good, so if you are looking for a new Halloween treat recipe, give them a try!

Dessert Beginner Child Friendly Easy Allergen Friendly Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetarian

Apple Kombucha

Since it is prime apple season, I decided that some apple kombucha would be wonderful!  What is kombucha you may ask? Kombucha is a fermented probiotic beverage that aids in digestion and gut health among other benefits such as detoxification of the body.  It is delicious, and you can buy the popular GT brand or others like it at Fresh and Natural Foods.  You may even already enjoy it and know how tasty and helpful it is, but did you know it is fairly easy to make at home?  I was buying it every day; I realized I could make it myself and now have some kombucha in my fridge at all times.  The process is like this:

  • You take a scoby (or the mother which ferments the tea and sugar you add to it to produce the drink), add it to a tea and sugar mixture along with some starter kombucha liquid and water.  Then let it sit and ferment for a week until a new scoby is produced and the sugar has been used up (so no need to worry about the sugar content in this, it is food for the scoby) and the mixture is slightly tart.  It is then bottled (or jarred, I use large mason jars) and allowed to become fizzy (which takes about 3 days).

You then can enjoy tasty kombucha, and your tummy will thank you!  Once you get the hang of making it, you can even make fun flavors which are added after the fermentation and when it is bottled.  If you have any questions about the kombucha making process feel free to comment!

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