Gluten-Free Rustic Bread for Apps

With gluten-free breads, I believe certain brands are better for different needs. When making appetizers, I use Schar Baguettes.  I was actually introduced to these breads while visiting the Netherlands with my husband.  We went to a natural food store to find some gluten-free products for me, and Schar was the main brand everyone recommended.  I was familiar with the brand name as Fresh and Natural foods carried a few of their cookies.  I purchased a few loaves of their breads and loved them.  I was so happy when the stores were able to get their bread products and have purchased them regularly ever since. The baguettes come two in a package and are meant to be baked.   They are gluten, wheat and lactose-free. You can find them in the fresh bread section, not in the freezer, which saves valuable time when preparing for company.

Pre-heat your oven to 400°.  Cut baguettes diagonally about a quarter of an inch thick.  Lightly brush with olive oil on each side and place on cookie sheet.  Bake each side for only a few minutes until it has a lovely golden color.  Top with your favorite items like cream cheese, smoked salmon or one of my favorites artichoke spinach dip.  If you are like me and love flavor, try spicing up the bread with garlic or rosemary before baking.  I have served these many times to non-gluten free friends and no one even notices the difference.

You can also use the baguettes uncooked for dipping into sauces and creamy dips; it will not crumble and break leaving a huge mess like a lot of gluten free breads.  I have used it many times for spinach dip.  My husband and I also make our garlic bread for with spaghetti from these baguettes and it always turns out great.  Like with most gluten free breads this cooks much quicker than non-gluten free bread so it must be watched closely.  I hope you give it a try and as always have fun eating them!

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