TerrAmazon® Raw Organic Cacao Nibs

The term cacao is growing in popularity due to the raw food diet, and its incredible antioxidant health benefits. Yet still customers are curious about what it is, how it tastes and how to use it. Well to start cacao refers to the cocoa tree. The overall difference is unlike chocolate, this cacao is raw, meaning unheated. It is unprocessed with no sugar added. The overall taste is bitter but it adds a uniquely delicious crunch to any dessert. Cacao nibs are rich in dietary fiber with 11 g per 1 oz. serving. According to TerrAmazon® their cacao nibs “are made from “Criollo” beans – the finest and rarest variety of cacao.” These raw cacao nibs are vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free. Find it in the grocery aisle and add them to our Paleo Chocolate Pudding  for crunch or your next energy bar!

Author: Fresh & Natural

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