Anna G.

I had stopped in to Fresh and Natural Foods on New Years Eve looking for hibiscus syrup. I had stopped at and called quite a few other places but no one seemed to carry it. I wandered the store for a while trying to figure out what exactly I was looking for. No luck. I finally connected up with the woman who would save the day; Janell. Janell showed genuine curiosity when I explained what I was trying to make and what I needed. She didn’t have what I was looking for but she gave me a couple alternatives to hibiscus syrup. I thought it over and she told me to check one last place, so I did. Drove to another higher end store, and called even another, but neither had the syrup. I returned to find Janell and see what we could figure out. She suggested hibiscus tea, but the recipe needed to have a sweetener. She mentioned that we could add simple syrup, but that was an added ingredient and I didn’t know how the product would set. After a couple minutes, Janelle came up with the brilliant idea to brew the hibiscus tea in the simple syrup as a replacement for the hibiscus syrup. There it was! The recipe turned out great, and everyone enjoyed them. I even took her advice about chilling the recipe with ice and that saved me a few hours. Thanks Janell. You are awesome. I will be back.

Author: Fresh and Natural Foods