Vitamin D can strengthen your immune system!

You may know that Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into the body and promote and maintain healthy bones. But did you know that recently more and more discoveries have been made on Vitamin D, and its role in maintaining healthy a strong immune system?

It’s true.  A team of researchers, which included Professors John White David Goltzman of the faculty of Medicine’s Department of Physiology at MgGill University discovered that the active form of Vitamin D has been shown to  increase the production of the body’s very own powerful, naturally occurring antibiotic compounds, known as anti-microbial peptides.  There are hundreds of these anti-microbial peptides which carry out a multitude of functions that support a strong and healthy functioning immune system.  According to Dr. John Cannel, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, this discovery has many researches speculating that this is one major reason why people, on average, become infected with and fall victim to cold and flu viruses during the winter months more than during the summer.  Dr. Cannel goes on to further stating that most people have blood levels of 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, the active form found in the blood, around one-third of that which they have during the summer.  This makes sense since it has been estimated that after only two months without proper sun exposure to the skin, half of the amount of Vitamin D that is stored in the body is used up.

Supplementing anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 international units (I.U.s) of Vitamin D can be a helpful step towards ensuring optimal levels. Make sure to help protect yourself against the all-too-common cold and flu viruses that are circulating around this time of year.  Fresh & Natural’s Wellness departments offer an extensive variety of Vitamin D from gummy to tablet form. You are sure to find a type for your needs. For more information regarding the various discoveries on Vitamin D, and its role in promoting health, use the reference links below.


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