Waste Not, Want Not

If you are anything like me, I hate throwing out once perfectly, organic produce. It’s like spraying the gas pump all over the ground next to my car. With the dollar pinch everyone is feeling these days, I try to utilize what I have in the fridge without anything going to waste. How do I do that you ask? A great resource for doing just that is allrecipes.com. The website created a tab that lets you type in ingredients you have and even those you don’t. The only gripe I have is you’ll find a lot of processed foods in the recipes, but it helps to inspire and get the creativity flowing. This helps especially if you are a new shopper at Fresh & Natural Foods. Trying to be a perimeter shopper (someone who shops the outter departments of the grocery store, typically produce, dairy, meat, deli, bakery). Going from processed cooking to natural, fresh foods or allergen elimination can be major adjustments. Throughout this blog, I hope to add suggestions that will make the transition easy and second nature especially for those with busy schedules.

Author: Fresh & Natural

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