The Problems with Deficiency and Imbalance

As I write each blog, I am amazed at the interconnection of health and how our choices affect all aspects of our life. As with many of the other blogs I have posted, I am reminded how the balance of one’s lifestyle will reap great rewards in the future. I look at it like a 401K plan. The more you invest now, the greater the reward in the future.

In past blogs, I have discussed the importance of pH, blood sugar, omega-6 and 3, nutrient balance and lifestyle management just to name a few. This weeks topic, Deficiency and Imbalance, revisits all of those topics. In my last blog I reviewed the importance of nutrition and it’s role in physiology. This theme continues with that concept in that without proper nutrient balance the body’s physiological mechanisms can’t function to it’s maximum performance and in time will lead to imbalance and improper function, ie. symptoms, ill health and disease.

Look at it this way; if your 8 cylinder engine is only running on 4 cylinders, you are using more fuel, developing premature engine wear, and losing power….symptoms, lack of performance and dis-ease. Your body isn’t any different. If you had an $80,000 Mercedes, would you look for the cheapest oil or replacement parts? I don’t think so. Your body is a magnificent, self healing organism that has simple needs….organic vegetables and fruits, high quality fats and protein, pure water, sleep, love, sunshine, clean air and supportive community.

As I delve deeper into the subject of deficiency and imbalance, I have a tendency to get into specifics vs. giving the “BIG” picture. So, with that said, here are some of the high points of the big picture. Without proper pH balance all of the enzyme systems in the body will not function at maximum efficiency. What does that mean? Simply put, if your system is too acidic from an over consumption of sugars, meats, dairy, stress, or coffee, the mechanisms that allow your cells to perform their various functions cannot do so due to an over load of acid which will place an undue stress on the chemical process.

Imagine that you are baking a casserole, or hot dish…can’t remember what we call it in Minnesota, and the recipe calls for a temperature of 350 degrees for 60 minutes. You forgot to put it in the oven before your guests arrived and now you decide to put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 600 degrees to make up the time. We all know what happens…yes that’s right…it comes out looking like a hockey puck. Now imagine that your system is overloaded with acids that your mineral reserved can’t neutralize…it can’t function the way it’s supposed to and it malfunctions, just like the car that is out of tune.

The function of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and proteins are for repair, communication, catalysts for chemical reactions and raw materials for millions of daily functions. Without the proper amount of nutrients your body begins to malfunction and degenerate on a daily basis. It begins with a cellular shift in energy, then a tissue change, organ change, symptoms, disease and finally death. This may take 10- 50 years. The degeneration is usually a slow progression that may look like old age, but in reality it is the body breaking down.

It is hard to argue that by eating better food, drinking pure water, getting regular exercise and proper sleep, having loving and supportive relationships that one will not only live longer but a more fulfilled life. Deficiency and Imbalance not only relate to nutrients but how we conduct the business of our lives. The balance and abundance will not only ensure a longer life but a richer life in all aspects. Without getting into the specifics of physiology and biochemistry the bottom line is this: Eat simply, that means 80% of your diet should be alkaline foods…mostly vegetables, 20% of your diet can be acid forming foods, clean protein,( no hormones or additives),high quality fats, nuts,seeds, avocado’s, pure water and exercise and proper breathing to help eliminate waste products. A simple lifestyle that’s difficult for most to do in this fast paced life we live in.

As always, if you have questions the friendly staff at Fresh and Natural are willing to help.If you have any additional questions for me you can contact me at my office, 763-571-1345. Wishing you a wonderful spring…yes, I think it’s finally here!


Paul Westby DC,DACBN

Author: Dr. Paul Westby

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