Small Steps, Big Change: Moving Your Family Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

larson-knutson_hsWhen Kerry Larson decided to embrace the idea of cleaner, healthier living, he didn’t do it halfway. He and his family not only changed their ways, but Kerry also set out to create the kind of grocery business that would help other families make similar changes, especially in communities that had few such options. In this week’s Mom Enough show, Kerry and colleague Chris Knutson from Fresh & Natural Foods share their stories with Marti & Erin.

This week’s Mom Enough guests talked about the importance of incremental changes (small steps) in helping your family move toward healthier ways of eating and living. What small changes could you initiate in food choices and activity level for you and your children? What would help you make and sustain those changes?

For suggested recipes from Fresh & Natural Foods, click here.

Listen to the Mom Enough Podcast featuring Kerry and Chris from Fresh and Natural Foods:

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