The World’s First Gluten-Free Dumplings & Egg Rolls

Over the years of living gluten free, there are many things I still miss.  One of which has just been removed from that list.  Finally Fresh and Natural Foods has discovered “the world’s first gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls”.  Feel Good Foods® has come out with gluten free Chinese food that is fabulous!  The store currently is stocking the vegetable and chicken egg rolls. But what about dumplings you ask? The company also makes dumplings.  Chicken and vegetable dumplings are available at our Shoreview location and chicken, vegetable or pork varieties at our Hudson store.  I have eaten so many of these egg rolls since we got them in.  I have been making up for lost time in the last month.  The dumplings are delicious but a little tricky to cook. It is necessary to use the proper pan. Check out the cooking demonstration below!  My first batch kind of boiled instead of steamed.  They still tasted great, but they were hard to hold.  Second batch turned out much better using a larger pan.  The dipping is so wonderful; I wish they sold it by the bottle.   If you loved egg rolls and have been missing them as long as I have I am sure you will love these products too.  I have been telling everyone that will listen how great these are.

Author: Tiffany

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